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Fergus Burns

Hi Cian

great blog

we should get you over to our ITNorthWest gigs...check http:\\itnorthwest.blogspot.com



Which fucking idiot form Toaster rang the Irish Music Rights Organisation to grass Microsoft.

Get a life retards.

Ooo your playing music in public, guess what, big deal if your life revolves around grassing MS than you are one of 3 things:-

1. A virgin with no friends
2. A Mac lover
3. A Mac lover with no friends who is gay and has to do things like this to make there own life more interesting.

Get a FUCKING LIFE! Loosers

Cian Ginty

Hello Mr/Ms GamesTossers,

Nobody from Toaster rang or phoned IMRO, I emailed them.

In addition, nobody “grassed” on Microsoft; they assured me that the feature they showed me (and others) was legal, all I did was try to confirm such. Bringing the possibility of the feature not been legal to their attention could only be helpful to them.

Out of your list, I can say ‘none of the above’. And you might like to note I am a lifelong Windows user, the original Xbox controller is my favourite games console controller, followed closely by the Xbox 360’s controller. But I’m afraid, unlike some I don’t have a framed picture of Bill in every room in the house.

If you had focused on this “life” thing, that I know nothing of; you may have made me cry. Oh, and it’s not mandatory to look at game and technology websites, you can actually spend some time on this “fucking life” you talk of.

In closing, thanks for your message, but in future if you can’t keep your attempts at personal insults out of your comments, don’t post. This is not a request, it’s a condition of you posting again.

rory mc shane

hey craig i checked it out its class but i cant find justcause

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