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this game will either rock or suck. it will be interesting to see if has player ratings(mattie fordes will be off the charts) if it has half the specs and grafics of fifa it should do really well. but because we r d irish we will buy it even if it is crap.


I have been waiting for this game for soo long now and can't wait for it to come out, that is if it ever does actually come out. I can't wait to win sam for antrim!!

'mon Antrim

and if the graffics r a touch on pro evo and fifa it will be special and the game will be hard to find in shops cus us irish will hav it cleaned out of every shop.


Likely the graphics will be similar to their AFL Premiership 2005 game (screenshots available at www.irgurus.com - select "Games").


If the screenshots of AFL Premiership 2005 are any thing to go by, this game is going to have better graphics than fifa and pro evo put together


Will be called Gaelic Games: Football as shown in programme for All Ireland final. Will be launched in October when the International Rules is on. Eye toy can be used with it


Out next month, pictures in Irish news Ads to air very soon, next week I think. Micheal o Muireaheactigh is the commentator, in both Irish and English.
Ad can be downloaded somewhere according to the Irish news, which has screenshots of the game, don't know where though.


its out in ireland on november 11 and the first tv ad for it can be downloaded http://media.putfile.com/PlaystationGAAad

Games Toaster

We've had two news stories since this one, one with the release date before the press release was put out (an exclusive, you could say)...


…and another after, with the details of the press release...



waitin 4 ages 4 dis game hope it comes out soon . gaillimh abu


Excelent! =)

11th November =)


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