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Should you lads not support other Irish sites rather than try to slagg them off?

Cian Ginty

Could you please point out where we “try to slagg them off”?

By linking their staff member to Microsoft's marketing company as if it means that they are biased.

This quote: "Games Toaster has identified least one person listed as a ‘staff writer’ as being an employ of an Irish marketing company who works for Xbox manufacture Microsoft. The site is billed as an ‘Irish Xbox community site’."

Yas make it sound as if yas have identified him from a criminal line-up!

Cian O'Mahony

Hey, this is Cian O'Mahony, the Editor of XboxIreland.com.

Thanks for the slightly uninformative post about our site. The staff has changed since you post it. The site is run by people from different aspects of gaming in ireland and offers gamers an irish edge to the Xbox scene.

We have

- News, reviews and editorials.
- Games nights over Xbox Live.
- Competitions supported by games companies.
- The support of Microsoft, EA Games, Codemasters, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Gamestop and more to come.
- Forums.

Thanks. cian@xboxireland.com

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