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That guy jaykop [Admin edit: No name-calling here - thanks], hes not even from Ireland, hes English. Given his inability to type a coherent sentence, goodluck to him...

He's stealing ideas from Irishgamer too. They reward their forum users.

What a rip-off merchant. The quote above is barely readable too.

Bigger and better then before? Sure scrap a professional template with coding, stick up a crap under construction page and ditch all the forum accounts etc with little knowledge about how to run the place.

Good relaunch this will be....

Cian Ginty

As I said in the comment edit above, no name-calling. Criticism is fine, petty name-calling is not.

It would also be help fully if people were to use a nickname, at least a made up one for comments on each article. Of course, this is optional. Just to note, while allowing privacy isn’t the reason we have an open commenting system, there’s no plans to change it.

As for artificially increasing forum posts or even article comments by offering incentives, it’s hardly never been done before. Prizes for subscribing to an email newsletter would be the common example of this type of marketing push. For some, insane post counts on forums is enough.

Still on forums, personally I prefer natural, self-community driven growth as it is with boards.ie.

Indeed another point would be that boards.ie’s games sections combined is already a long-established general Irish games community, at a guess I’d also say the largest. So, trying to emulate it can be seen as counterproductive, and pointless, getting to its stage of success could possibly be mind-boggling hard or just take a long time.

This guy is a joker, is he actutally serious with the above quote, the guy sounds like has been learning English for a few weeks now, no wait, he IS English

He is the brains behind the site. Guaranteed success, oh yes.

i think jaykop is going to make www.xboxireland.com the best site out their and you people should support him not rip the fella to bits you all should be ashamed of yourselfs come on jaykop bring back the good times.....


Yeah i'm pretty sure you're Jaykop.

Your grammar gives it away.


Oh here we go. Just because some of you people have previously been moderators on xboxireland and were responsible for letting it fall apart, that doesn't automatically qualify you to trounce our new site.

Yes, it's me, Simon. The xboxireland webmaster.

Sure, we've had this discussion on that other poor excuse for an Irish gaming site (you know who you are), remember, you guys were slagging us off, and then when I started giving as good as I got you closed your thread. LOL what a joke.

Just to re-iterate...

It was me who suggested the points for post system. Like I keep telling you, its a free mod for phpbb2, you guys didn't make it and don't own the rights of it. Its free for use by anyone. Besides all that, I had never heard of that (poor excuse for an) irish gaming site before I began work on Xbox Ireland.

Yes its a professional template. Thats what they are there for. DOH! I completed all programming, customisation and cms integration of the site in under 3 days, I think thats worthy of a pat on the back don't you?

Oh and by the way, the moderators who jumped ship to that other (poor excuse for an) Irish Gaming site were the ones who messed up the forum and user accounts. Sure before they dropped the mysql tables they took the liberty of disguising themselves as jaykop by sending a mass email to all members...

something along the lines of "oh we had to close down cos there was nobody to run the site, you may as well head over to that (poor excuse for an) Irish Gaming Site. Ingenious.

How ironic, I really hate haters. Give credit where it is due. This doen't have to be a slagging match because we took the limelight from you.

Noel Brady

Hi Simon,

Your points are noted. However, just some things I'd like to point out:

- None of my staff or I had anything to do with an e-mail that was sent regarding redirecting people to Irishgamer. I received the e-mail myself and was pleased to see it sent as it did send people our way but we had absolutely nothing to do with it being sent.

- The comments above are not from me and not from any of IG's staff so please do not attribute them to us. If I post on Gamestoaster, I leave my name, e-mail address and url.

- I was not slagging anyone off. I hope XboxIreland does well as I stated on the thread on IG. I also offered to help your team out. However, in the opinion of the staff at IG, you were using our forum for advertising purposes without permission. That is why the thread was deleted.

Now, if you have any more problems, I am available at the e-mail address listed below. I had not wished to post here regarding this but I wanted to clear those points up.

Noel Brady

Regarding your point Cian, Boards is a great website but we feel that IG offers more of an interactive experience for forum users.

For example, we have contacted Sony Ireland and are soon to have a Q&A session with their CEO for Ireland where it will be users of our forum asking the questions. Not me or any of the staff. Boards do not offer services like that.


Quote Noel Brady:
However, in the opinion of the staff at IG, you were using our forum for advertising purposes without permission. That is why the thread was deleted.

Excuse me?!?! Hmmm how long was the thread open? Was it me or anyone of our staff who opened it? Eh NO! You were ok leaving the thread open while it was titled RIP Xbox Ireland - this was a real nail in the coffin for us. I just had to go on there and clear the air on the issues raised and set the record straight. Now just how was that advertising? You were happy to "advertise" our site via this thread before my posts.

Please, I didn't come down in the last shower.

Oh and I'm only freely expressing my opinion as you are.

That topic was open at least a week before it was deleted. IG staff seemed happy enough to mention how they once posted at XI and seen its downfall.

When they realised XI was not finished but was due to relaunch, the topic was then deleted as I remember...


My name is Trigger and I was the one who created the "RIP: Xbox Ireland" topic on Irish Gamer. I choose the title of the topic as I posted it with a link to a news piece that was on the old Xbox Ireland about how Xbox Ireland was dead as there was not enough people to run the site. This news piece was later removed from Xbox Ireland and replaced with one about Xbox Ireland relaunching.

I think it is stupid how people can judge Xbox Ireland when it's just relaunched. It's like judging a baby to be stupid because it cannot walk yet. What I mean is give Xbox Ireland and it's staff some time to properly complete the site. I think the relaunch date was to soon for them to fully get the site completely free of problems.(I have encountered errors on the site sometimes)

Personally if it was my website I'd have welcomed the critisisms as they would help me make the site better.

Either way I hope Xbox Ireland and Irish Gamer will be able to work together. As fighting over which website is better is completely pointless and stupid. Especially when there is so many problems already in this world.

As Noel has said in the past I hope both websites become successful and further Irish gaming in general.

Thanks for reading,

PS: As the old saying goes,"Rome wasn't built in a day.".


Xbox Ireland Extends an Olive Branch to Irish Gamer.

Hi everyone, its me Simon Kinsella, the webmaster for XboxIreland.

I wish to publicly apologise to Noel B and the staff at Irish Gamer for venting my anger towards them in light of comments posted here on Games Toaster and indeed in Irish Gamer.

I was seriously wound up after reading comments posted on both sites, criticising the design of the site and the ethos of the management as a whole, I felt I had no option but to defend XI.

It was very unprofessional of me in the manner I lost control and made unsubstantiated claims that it was the staff at Irish gamer who were responsible for the ignorant comments.

So there you have it, I wish to publicly apologise to all at Irish Gamer for my behaviour and you can rest assured I won't do it again.

I hope that we can bury the hatchet for good, help each other out and be a real asset to the Irish Gaming Community as a whole.

Thanks for reading,
Simon Kinsella

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