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i swear, if someone got a picture of the Master Chief and Richard Dean Anderson together, the man who played MacGyver, i could die a happy man.


do you think he was the guy who was going to play the master chief in the halo movie?


How do we find out more? As in, what store etc?


I'll post details of any public events if or when I get them.


MacGyver would kick the Master Chiefs ass.


where is the record attempt taking place when???? anybody no


I heard MacGyver will appear outside Gamestops around midnight with a pen knife , piece of string and a cardboard box from which he will then construct a lifesize working MasterChief .


we had Richard Dean Anderson in our xboxlive gaming center... we have images and more to come
check it out at-

steve white

I never really gotten the big deal about halo....

and this opening the stores at midnight, what faux hype!


so where was he? i hear he wasn't in St. Green. it looks to me like a private audience (with god) on the celticsnipers.com/ site. did he do a meet and greet?

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